El Malpais National Monument, New Mexico

El Malpais National Monument, near Grants, New Mexico on 30 May 2021, part of the National Park system of the United States.  Two areas were visited:  La Ventana Arch and the Sandstone Bluffs.  There wasn’t time to go to the volcano flows.

La Ventana

On the path to the arch

La Ventana from viewing area

Under the arch


Arch flower

Out the “window”

Another skyward view

Graffiti under the arch

Out of La Ventana

At the Sandstone Bluffs area – El Malpais

Down from the Bluffs

Sandstone Bluffs

Sandstone Bluffs

Sandstone Bluffs

Lizard at the bluffs

The van awaits

One more look at the bluffs