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Trees at Calvary Episcopal Church – 13 March 2016

The beautiful sky and trees in early Spring 2016 near Calvary Episcopal Church…

Red Maple Tree

Red Maple [Acer rubrum] tree photos taken at Carl Sandburg Home and at the Electronic Office on 15-16 March 2015.  The flowers come out before the leaves are formed. USDA Plants Listing:  Acer rubrum

Callery or Bradford Pear

Callery or Bradford Pear trees [Pyrus calleryana] found at Fletcher Park on 5 April 2014. This tree is a member of the Rose (Rosaceae) family.  Wikipedia states that the species was originally a native of China and Vietnam and that they produce a small woody fruit that is consumed by birds. USDA Plants Listing: Pyrus …

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Ginkgo Tree in November

Branches of a Ginkgo tree in Greenville, South Carolina on 13 November 2013.  

Fall Color in the Neighborhood

The Fall colors were showing on our family walk in the White Pine neighborhood.  It’s Martha’s favorite time of year.  

The “Perfect” Tree

This is my idea of a “perfect” tree.  Well, it’s as close as it gets.

Carolina Buckthorn

Carolina Buckthorn [Frangula caroliniana] found near White Pine Road in Fletcher, NC on 24 August 2013.  This tree/shrub is a member of the Buckthorn (Rhamnaceae) family.  Reader’s Digest North American Wildlife, page 317, says its habitat is “streambanks, rich bottomlands, [or] limestone ridges” and also lists it under the scientific synonym of Rhamnus caroliniana. USDA …

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Lone Tree on Broadpointe Drive

Outside the Morganton Plant – 30 January

Some electronics waiting to be recycled. Buds are on the trees, already!