Hermon 1942

Home movies taken around 1942 by the late Dr. Judson R. Vining, Hermon, New York, transferred to digital media by the late Richard J. Farrar around 2013.  The copy used for this web page is dated 11 November 2018.

Time MM:SS Location Description
0:00 – 01:11    Vining Residence, Main St. Hermon William “Bill” Vining, Unknown man in uniform, unk. Woman, man playing piano (possibly Dr. and Flossie Morgan)
01:11 – 01:57 Vining Residence, Main St. Hermon Unknown man with car, (Joan Vining) Farrar and Bill Vining
01:58 – 02:43 Interior Vining Residence Unknown man and woman at dining table with Helen Vining
02:44 – 02:50 Probably in Hermon Unknown man in car
02:51 – 03:29 Hermon Hepburn Library, Main Street Marching Band
03:30 – 03:33 Green Residence, Main St., Hermon Green Residence
03:34 – 03:39 Site of Mix Hall, Main Street, Hermon, Senior Center there now Mix Hall – multi-story building
03:40 – 03:43 Maybe Mix Hall Officer in uniform with onlookers
03:44 – 03:51 Unknown farm location
03:51 – 04:17 Hermon, New York Main St., Vining Res. Sidewalk, looking toward Catherine & Washington St. – William and Joan, unknown man in sports car arrives
04:18 – 05:51 Unknown Location Golfing – Judson R. Vining at 04:39, Joan at picnic table (???), William as caddie (05:42)
05:52 – 06:23 Vining Residence, Main St. Hermon Unknown man loading medicine bottle in car and at side entrance.  Another man bringing two bottles in.
06:24 – 06:47 Unknown location Golf Outing – men and women.  Maybe Sherm Slate??? (barber and former Hermon mayor)
06:48 – 07:47 Germain Street, Hermon At the Mr. and Mrs. Frank Vergare garden  tulips in bloom— view over to Maple Street with Bill Residence, William, Joan, and Helen also.
07:48 – 08:30 Downtown St. Marys, Ontario Helen Vining with Delmage Aunts
08:31 – 08:57 262 Elgin St., St. Marys, Ontario Getting out of car, and William being greeted by man at house entrance
08:58 – 09:19 Ontario Farm Dorothea (Vining) Barnes with William and Joan.  Lee Barnes at 09:18
09:20 – 09:45 Vining Residence, Main St. Hermon Helen Vining in side garden
09:45 – 10:55 Vining Residence, Main St. Hermon William on wagon with unknown girls.  Joan at side door with Helen
10:56 – 11:12 Church St ???, Hermon, NY Sherm Slate ???, Frank Vergare
11:12 – 11:39 Church Street, Hermon NY Seymour Western at his Service Station
11:40 – 13:02 Vining Residence, Main St. Hermon Exterior of house and In the doctor’s offices with unknown visitors
13:02 – 13:37 Vining Residence, Main St. Hermon Clean-up after meal, unknown woman with Helen, kitchen and dining room
13:38 – 14:28 Vining Residence, Main St. Hermon Unknown man in office horsing with Joan.  Visitors with little girl and advertising paper.
14:29 – 15: 34 Possibly Hermon Men with 55 gallon drums and sugar bush.  Gathering wood  
15:35 – 16:28 Possibly Ontario, Canada Unknown man with car.  Aileen Vining, William Vining, Joan Vining, and Helen Vining.  Clara (Delmage) Vining at 15:52.  Unknown older girl with group.
16:29 – 18:13 Probably Ontario, Canada Unknown two older ladies with Joan, Bill, and Aileen Vining.  Ebenezer Vining @ 17:21.  Another older woman with Joan later.  Helen @ 18:05.
18:14 – 19:27 Vining Cemetery, Purple Hill Road, Thorndale, Ontario Possibly William Carey Vining, clearing grass and then talking with someone in car.  Young William around grave stones.  Older worker with William Carey
19:29 – 20:24 Probably Hermon/St. Lawrence County Color footage with unknown man with black car and Joan Vining with flowers.  William at 20:10 in grass with Joan
20:25 – 20:41 Vining Residence, Main St. Hermon (Color footage) Unknown couple at side entrance with Helen and Joan Vining with two other girls
20:42 – 21:23 Vining Residence, Main St. Hermon (Color footage) Unknown uniformed man at front door and then getting in car with crowd of kids and Helen Vining.  View of front attached garage.
21:24 – 23:16 St. Lawrence County?? Helen, Joan, William Vining at a garden of older gentleman, with unknown young male photographer.  Young girl with chicks. Pansies flower close-ups.
23:17 – 24:41 St. Lawrence County?? Cooking and Picnic with young families, Helen and Joan Vining.
24:42 – 25:21 Vining Residence, Main St. Hermon Young Enlisted man in uniform with girl.  Then walks down the street with an older man with camera
25:22 – 25:39 Vining Residence, Main St. Hermon Judson Vining on ladder with Joan and William putting up a swing.  
25:40 –  26:49 Hermon, New York Gathering on benches.  Helen at picnic table.  Woman, smoking cigarette, with baby.
26:50 – 27:26 Vining Residence, Main St. Hermon (Color footage) Unknown girl on sidewalk and blonde girl on roller skates with Joan.  Dog in stroller.
27:27 – 28:46 Green Residence, Main St., Hermon (Color footage) Bill Green in uniform with Bettye Green and other family members.  Getting into car for winter drive
28:47 – 29:04 Vining Residence, Main St. Hermon (Color footage) Ox cart with milk cans being driven down street in winter.
29:05 – 30:10 St. Lawrence County (Color footage) At a sugar bush.  Helen Joan, and William Vining.  Snowballs flying.  Drilling holes for tapping sap.
30:11 – 30:12 Unknown location (Color footage0 Interior – bed
30:13 – end Church Street near First National Bank, Hermon, NY (Color footage) Unknown man waking down street.  Two men at Mix Hall and then walking down the other side of Church street.